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Daguerreotypes is my new release on Zeromoon

Released by Zeromoon, the three-track Album
is now available on bandcamp.
It will cost you $1.99 for the whole album
or $0.99 per track.

Track list
The Great Whale
The Opium Merchants
Winterspaziergang im Schnee

All source material was recorded by or given to Rinus van Alebeek.
All source material was directly recorded onto cassette or mini-cassette
with the use of a professional walkman or a voice recorder.
All tracks were composed with the use of a four track recorder.

Notes to The Great Whale
Captain Ahab by Gregory Peck
Piano music by Claude Debussy
Ocean by Salem

Notes to The Opium Merchants
source material recorded in
Washington DC, Berchtesgadener Land and Pistoia
No I Ching oracle was consulted during the composing process

Notes to Winterspaziergang im Schnee
Adolf Hitler by Tobias Moretti
Kammermusik by Berchtesgadener Alp
Toilet music by Blenno

Cover picture by Barbara Gessner



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