First Autumn Leaves

Tweets from my tour, that took me from Montreal to Troy (NY), Hudson (NY), Allentown  (PA). Washinton DC to New York.

-No tweets, but very fond memories of Allentown and a visit to the woods of Pennsylvania and Bethlehem, though-

Montreal: A first day of battling with time and enduring daylight & a day of rain. Now ready to bike out and zigzag the check board streets.

Houses in Montreal look all strikingly the same in their diversity. Thought of a collection of post stamps: same image in different colours.

Sunlight, trees & shadowplay in the street, new store fronts, fragment of french language, bicycle ride, riverside, metabolist architecture

Long bridge,turn to the park, mysterious rumble in my headphones, riverside & city view, then this 1967`s naiv optimism

Habitat 67, a rubik`s cube in a b-movie, expanded, without the colours: I get of my bike and walk, stare, enter “residents only,” hi guard!

On a 9km/hour bike (20cm below my size): enter the fairy tale railway station with the phantom hall, where no-one leaves and no-one arrives.

Old canals, 1970`s concrete bridge walking the waste land, polished bicycle lanes and refurnished factory buildings, green mountain, clouds.

Which all means that I start to get a feel for Montreal,growing curiosity for Canada and its enormous distances,thanks to a greatlittlehost!

6$ to get into the USA made customs routines look like a theatre piece with audience participation. I wonder, who got the door money though.

BUT: The train ride, a continuous monumentum to travelling by foot, horse or carriage, and at that speed we moved along the lake, its birds.

Mohawk river, third and fourth branch, Peebles Island (formerly known as Hoppe and Haver island) view on Cohoes (formerly known as Kahoos).

Walk around that island & record leaves moved by the wind, far industrial & traffic rumble: following fourhundred year old Dutch foot steps.

Suddenly, while admiring the view and getting ready for recording, I heard “HO.”Half a second later a golf ball landed at 70cm from my head.

Yesterday evening. Performed in bookstore that had a bar and a selection of local beer: wood, covers, stools, chairs. Wonderful combination!

But pumpkin beer? I had a sip of it, ’twas like Christmas speculatious cookies. I left it to that one.Two pints would have changed my life.

A wonderful living in slow motion two hours moment while the train moved along the river Hudson, its green hills, the reflection of the sun

Waiting to leave the web and go into town, to find our way to the island just in front of The Watergate Hotel.. to add yet another sediment.

Washington DC, walk around H & 13th just to see the houses people live in; notice that all the houses escaped from a near death experience.

Notable, only one idiot had his USA flag erected, which gave me a short punk retro flash, imagining to hold the flame of a lighter under it.

With Emmanuel Rebus on H Street a short moment before he got to eat the worst taco in the world, with half frozen meat.

Driving into New York on something95 from south is eh…well:buildings famous buildings, high low towering blocking, Hudson Brooklyn Bridge!

My obligatory day of rain in New York. A marathon walk with @diktat_us around Williamsburg started with a dry performance in Askhenazyville.

Coffee around the corner, in a few square meters store, with milk; but not as creamy as the new york accent of the elderly man who sold it,

Coney Island yesterday: ocean without horizon, fog horns, boardwalk talks, identical Jewish families with their offspring, beach, recording

A bloody tourist today I walked around Chinatown (never go into Chinatown when hungry) rermembered Penguin pocket Breakfast at Tiffany in fr

ont of Tiffany’s. Wondered why the hell this country is so air-conditioned, because the sound of it is louder then traffic, caught a glimpse

of Brooklyn Bridge at the end of the streets and thought of Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan,’ continued to ex WTC area for some real hard core tour

ism. Noticed there is nothing special about it – just a construction site, where the highest building points at the clouds- walked Broadway

, entered Chinatown again and bought a favourite cassette for one dollar, postcards, stamps, continued for Little Italy, loads of restaurant

and tourist shops next to each other, then forgot to buy a kosher cookie in a corner store near the Bowery, then picked up my suitcase and h

eaded for Brooklyn, pushing new suitcase along. Then coffee, freshly brewed in the little shop around the corner. Here? Banjo, Snare, Songs.

Eyes heavy with 6 time zones, shuttering, as if light is too sharp; close and see New York skyline from Wiliamsburg Bridge again, clear sky.

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