In the last two months I worked on a four hour sound piece. These four hours will be transmitted on FM radio in Paris by Radio Libertaire.

When putting all the sounds together I thought of a small radio transmitter in a semi dark room in Paris. Maybe someone couldnot sleep and heard all these unusual sounds, sounds that yet were strangely familiar.

I imagined the radio as an animated object, a de-materialized guide that would bring the listener safely to the other side of the night.

But maybe in my subconsciousness I had the title of Céline’s great novel in mind.


Sleep has sounds from the last part of the second hour (orange side) and the first part of the third hour (green side) on it. I made twelve copies, simply because I didn’t have time to make some more.

You can get a copy at my concerts for seven euro ( or eight dollar) or in exchange for a review or a nice cassette.

And Oh! There is 40 minutes of sound on a chrome quality tape.


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