Dawn of the Tape in Linz – The Video!

Between the 4th and 7th of July I spend some highly inspiring days in Linz. I listened to the raw power of tires eating wet asphalt. I saw buildings bleed with colourful electric light. I saw teenagers parade with bottles of whiskey and rum. I spend dark hours behind a veil, while listening to the abstract mumbles of night dwellers on a bar’s terrace. I watched the Donau, and, at the other side, the strange metabolist building with trees growing on it. I bought three handmade rolls for only 73 cents each. I interviewed Sylvia Necker about the upcoming exhibition ‘Hitlerbauten’ of which she is the curator. I interviewed Christian Stefaner-Schmid on the culture of coffee. I drank coffee. I talked and walked with Al Margolis under a burning sun, a walk that became a bit allegorical, because it spanned thirty years of tape history, and touched upon his move from New York City to a little town upstream the Hudson. I saw the pictures of the bear that visited his backyard. I eventually got to see a bit of Linz and its buildings elegant as an old ladie’s Sunday afternoon cake. I did a performance, and I joined a discussion about everything possible and impossible you can say and think about magnetic tape and its use in every day art.

Follow the link to watch the video, that was made by DorfTV

From Left to right, Al Margolis, Christian Stefaner-Schmid, Sylvia Necker

And the link to the video with my live set, and,

from 36th minute onwards the trio with Sylvia and Al



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