The Hacker’s Story

On the 6th of March my account has been hacked. it was. The password has been changed by the hacker. Google help is a disaster. You never get access to them. No real help comes in return.

A friend from Sweden was curious enough to send the fake Rinus a letter. (Also I got the request for help, telling me that I was in Barcelona and that I had been mobbed).

This is the letter.

Its been a horrible incident but am glad I was not hurt. Please lend
me €1510. Western union is the fastest option to wire funds to me. See
details needed for western union. I will square up in due course.

Name on my ID: Rinus van alebeek
Location: La Ramblas 8894 Lc 35
Barcelona, 8002

All you need do is go to the nearest western union agent location or
post office and request to make transfer to me in Spain

You will need to email me the western union MTCN number as soon as you
make transfer so I can receive money here, I have my passport as a
means of identification. I will receive money from WU with it.
Other than this nightmare,how are you doing?

Shit, I now realize, I don’t even have an ID.


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