Diktat in Berlin – The Outdoor Concerts

“Over the weekend of June 17-19, Diktat went to Berlin. Read a fine summer series of lively and illustrated reports, including extracts from Diktat’s Berlin performances.”

Harold Schellinx, one of the Diktateurs, wrote a report in three parts ( 1, 2, 3 ) of which you find a few lines quoted here. I also included the links for further reading.

The video’s were shot and edited by Emmanuel Rébus, another member of Diktat. Jean Bordé plays 5 stringed double bass. I am the fourth component.


“I arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 4h28 in the morning of June 16th, and caught a bus to Neukölln a little after. I arrived in the Weserstraße to the majestic sound of a choir of Berlin birds singing their feathery hearts out, had to wake up Rinus for him to let me in, and then crashed for a couple of hours of badly needed sleep.”   read more


“…for Diktat of course is a performing quartet (band, group, ensemble, orchestra, …) but one can argue (and there’s many hours of Diktat live recordings of the past five years to back this up) that Diktat is also actually one single piece of music, of which each of our successive concerts presents a certain projection.”   read more


“It also was a relief that, for this 3rd Diktat IN-side in a row, for once we found ourselves not below Berlin street level, but in a light & white space with a big, clean shop window that one could look through, all the way over to the other side of the street.”  read more


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