1. September: CD-Release on Mathka.

This is the text you can read on the page of Mathka, the label run by Marcin Barski in Krakow. To see the page where it is announced you go here. On this page you can order and listen to a part of the CD.

“The CD was inserted. The music played over two loud speakers. In the living room I held my microphone which is as small as a top of the little finger, in my right hand. I wore an iPod earphone set and held a Sony Professional Walkman in my left hand.

I started static. Then I started to move through the room, paying very much attention not to make a sound while walking. Back to static again, then various excursions through the house, bedroom, guestroom, bathroom, down the stairs to the kitchen and the patio, back to the living room.

I noticed Mme Ferrari came in and out. At a certain point I gave her the booklet of the CD and asked her by sign language to read the liner notes. These were Luc Ferrari’s words, a kind of diary he wrote while working on “Cycle du Souvenir”.

From there on I started to improvise with my microphone, a kind of choreography for one arm and one recorder: swift and slow movements in front of the speakers and in the room.

The best thing about it, apart from Brunhild Ferrari allowing it, is that the recording was made in the very house where the couple lived and where Mme Ferrari still lives. This presence, I hope, is something you will notice. ”

The text is an excerpt from an interview with me, by Marcin
Full text of the interview is available here.


Recorded on October 28th, 2010
at the house of Luc and Brunhild Ferrari in Montreuil, France.

Addidtional voice by Brunhild Ferrari.

Picture of Rinus van Alebeek by Mireia Guzman.

Picture of Luc Ferrari, filming of “Les Grandes repetitions: Deserts” (1965)
by Laszlo Ruszka (C)Ina.


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