BERLIN – A Sound Installation

For the sound installation BERLIN over two-thousand new CD-‘s in their original package will be used to cover the floor of the two rooms in the gallery. The title of the exhibition will be shown on the window:  3’ CD’s, also in their original package, will be used to form the word ´BERLIN.`

To see the name of the city and behind it a floor covered by CD’s  is going to be the first encounter for the visitor. The pattern might reveal an image, or give a first impulse to a filosofical or aesthetical discourse.

The sound installation, initially put on mute, represents a possible Berlin, just as all the new immigrants who over the last years have chosen the city as their home have left their countries with an idea of a possible Berlin.

The German capital has a lot on offer. Yet many small and even smaller events go unnoticed. The visitors walk around, see bars and people sit in the sun who drink their beer, but hardly see what is under their feet.

Once the guests of Sucked Orange Gallery enter the space and step on the CD-floor, they will not only discover new patterns. They have to decide how to walk. The decision is a result of a certain emotion. The decision will create a sound.

BERLIN, a Sound Installation is made possible with the kind help of Staalplaat label and Audiotong.

Opening on Saturday 9. July at 19.00

Closing on Sunday 10. July at 19.00

The CD-‘s used in the exhibition can be purchased for 50 cents.


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