The Complete Zeromoon Collection

Jeff Surak, the veteran of intelligent noise music for intelligent people, label owner of Zeromoon, artistic director of the Sonic Circuits Festival, was one of the first people to recognize and encourage me as a sound artist.

My first publications were on his label. And my first CD will also be released through zeromoon, later on this year. Jeff has restyled the website of zeromoon. It looks like a webzine, and it holds uncountable hours of good music.

One outcome of this restyling is also the re-release on the web of some of my works, preciously only accessible to paying listeners.

Now ciao jazzclub (with Tibor Macek) (story) and a live recording from my soundroom days at Eskilstuna are available for download. Discover also some of my moments with Second Violin, a group with Jeff, Zan Hoffman and Adam Bowman.

The Complete Zeromoon Collection


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