Video – Live in Budapest – Story of a Voice

I have mentioned my meeting with Janina McCormack and Faeazah Araee in an earlier post. To make the story appear from behind a bigger cloud, I will add some more details. The girls came to my concert in Warsaw, (where I also did a fast and furious set with DJ. Lenar.) I got invited to their house. The idea was to make some music together. Upon arrival I learned (finally)  how to use dill in cooking, but also heard that they wanted me to play alone. The sounds recorded would be used by them in new Elbis Rever songs.

Which made me fall silent for a moment. Next thing was that all three of us employed in making noises with my cassette players. The two day activities can be best described as a turbo workshop on how to use my recordings, lo-fi cassette players and dictaphones in a composition. To add to the lo-fi esthetics, all sounds in the room got recorded through the inbuilt microfon of a laptop. Janina McCormack whose paintings make me remember Willem de Kooning, edited, but yes, also composed the recordings into the sound piece ‘Tabestan (summer)’ that premiered at the Radio Zero festival in Lisbon last year. People who listen to Elbis Rever songs might be amazed to hear this 27 minute long piece. It is well worth releasing, so, those readers with a minor or major label, just contact me.

But an other instant result for me was to have Faezah’s voice on cassette and mini-cassette. I asked her to read and read again in those two days. I was very much intrigued by her voice, in combination with a language I imagined to be 5000 years old. Some of the best poems in the world are written in Farsi. Some of the most beautiful buildings, now monuments are build in Farsi. And some of the most legendary places in the world came into existence in Farsi. When listening to Faezah I could envision all this, from desert to mountain to ziggurat to river. Her voice was like a spirit talking to the land.

After the recordings I played in Krakow, Ostrava, Prague, Berlin, Lublin, Sopot, Linz, Graz and Budapest. The voice was always a part of my performance. Towards Linz I started to tell stories as well. I had to. Maru from Sonntags Abstrakt expected a story, a concert in words. ( I ended up doing a trilogy, duo with the Dj, solo and a story about Jean Bordé’s double bass.)

That’s why you hear my voice as well in this video from Budapest. Thank you Zsolt Sőrés.



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