Video: Solo and with De Drones

On 11 December I performed at Quiet Cue, in the back space of Staalplaat Store. It was a short set of 13 minutes or so. The last weeks I have been listening to a lot of recordings I have made over the years. The choice of tapes to play was very well thought of this time. (Normally I prepare only the first thirty seconds, and take it from there. Choice is random and according to mood and moment). When thinking of it, it came to mind I had played a modern day version of the minuet, because this scheme shows exactly the development of my piece:

A      :||: B                           A or A'
I(->V) :||: V(or other closely related)

WordPress doesn’t support the site where the video is stored. No way I can upload or embed it. You have to go directly to Rinussolo.

The second part of the evening was a performance with De Drones, my collaborative moment with Haarmann. The concert started of with an unexpected moment, in which I use Haarmann’s mandolin as a microphone, and then deliriates via stories of incarnations, squids and visiting cats towards its end.You will hear sounds as well in the process. Part of the audience lives in the mirror. Listen/See De Drones


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