Four Solo’s and a Place under the Roof

When in Paris, it can happen that I go up and up and up five flights of stairs to arrive at the petit home of Anton Mobin. He lives in a neighborhood where illustrous names remind of France’s past. At a stone’s throw distance there is the famous cemetery of Père Lachaise, where you can witness lady’s dressed in black, with heavy eyeliners and pale faces act like statues, or white socked Americans and assorted post-hippies in semi-despair, because they cannot find the grave of James Douglas M.

My friends in Paris can correct me on this one, but I think Anton’s appartementette is in Bagnolet, close to Belleville.  A bit run down, cheap bars and small restaurants, some chinese shops and grilled chicken rolling around, some dirt, it is in big contrast to the other side of the river where sarkozians parade with polished shoes.

Every week Anton invites friends or visiting artists to come up to his apartment and play for two hours, a part solo, a part together with all present. If I had internet at home, this show on kkwne would be a fixed appointment. Now I am pleased to be hosted every now and then.

The last show had Ian Linter, :such:, Anton, and Blenno as guests. The first three and me did a solo each, and for the second hour it was all together, with Blenno on vocals. The four solo’s were released on the web. You can get them here

clockwise from man in grey (me), following the table order , :such:, anton, ian linter, blenno

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  1. Many Thanks Rinus
    another great tribute to my little home station !