Radio On’s Framework Special on Aporee.maps

With  Adrian Shephard the other half of Radio On, I  interviewed Udo Noll on the history, present and future of his maps, but also on his activities in his living room/studio aporee, like hosting topmodel. Apart from the interview you will hear contributions by first hour collaborator Henrik Schröder. Frank Schulte, a regular contributor should be mentioned, Udo’s daughter Lola for her recording in Limburg. Of course much more sounds were used. To credit every one is close to impossible, because in this special we also wanted to use and demonstrate the different possibilities of aporee maps: the virtual sound walks in Mexico City, in Montreal and in Cologne, a mix on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, a composition made up from several sounds around the world ( a must hear for vuvuzela lovers! ) and a hop jump mix of sounds from Japan.

Enjoy, and remember, next time you look at a map, you don’t think of who actually designed it, but where you would like to go.



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