You could kill a pig in July

During my world cup tour of Spain and Portugal last summer I also had the chance to do a turbo residency at Nodar which lasted a good thirty hours. This gave me enough time to realize an old idea, to interview Luis Costa, the driving force of the Nodar Residencies.

We sat down in the Costa mansion late at night, and did the second part the next day, moving in and around the house.

Then I left Nodar with over three hours of words, recorded with a cassette walkman. In the weeks and months after I listened over and over again. Finally the chapters presented themselves, and I could start editing.

The interview is called ” You could kill a pig in July” . In it you will hear Luis tell stories of Nodar, its history, its present and its future, and how a tiny village in the north of Portugal can relate with the rest of the world.

“You could kill a pig in July” will premiere on Wednesday 13th at the Radio Futura Festival in Porto at 14.30 (CET).



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