Tales for Tapes in Berlin (again)


This Tales for Tapes WOULD HAVE BEEN the sixth edition of a series started by Anton Mobin in Paris. Links to articles (1, 2, 3) on the audio cassette were posted recently on the cassette culture group . Also a link to a listing of more the 100 cassette labels was published. The artists who use the magnetic tape and the tape player as the central medium in their performances still linger in limbo.

The Tales for Tapes series is a showcase for those artists. After the very well attended evenings with Aki Onda and Preslav Literary School, this evenings edition WOULD HAVE SEEN two Berlin visitors in action.

One of them is Anna Vo, whose work is somehow reminiscent of Adam Preslav’s but moves more slowly, and towards an other continent, of course, listen here ear or here hear.

Second guest iWOULD HAVE BEEN Blenno und die Wurstbrücke, who combines Arte povera with very crappy but therefore beautiful looking tape machines to create a soundtrack for a comic strip.

The third act WOULD HAVE PERFORMED as Thread this time, because they (we ) have a different name for each show.

15 September, 21.00
first concert at 21.30
Tales for Tapes vol.6
Blenno und die Wurstbrücke

Ziegrastrasse 11
Berlin Neukölln
S+U-Bahn Sonnenallee



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