Topmodel in Berlin

Some years ago, in a room that was used for many many years by a hobby flagellant, Magnus, Mireia and I started a band called topmodel. We rehearsed all through the winter. Mireia invented different ways of using kettles and showers, Magnus and I fooled around with everything that could make a sound. Those early recordings showed influences of psycho folk and whatever other dilettant ways of making music.

When I moved out of the flaggelant flat, we lost a lot of instruments. We moved on with a zither, a glockenspiel and a harmonica. Mireia had to find other cups and kettles, and abandon the shower. The first occasions where we could perform were at Mireia’s and later at Mattin’s birthday.

Then Magnus started to bring keyboards. Our sound got more and more african and psychedelic. We toured around Berlin with Momus (three concerts in 18 months!), and almost got famous. ( ” You have the best singer in Berlin!” a fan exclaimed). (“When I marry, I want you to play at my wedding party,” another fan gluefully assured us).

In 2008 kukuruku, a black and white, mainly retro essentialist label run by Tasos Stamou, released a cdr with the exciting title ‘2007.’ On it you can find an anthology of what we had been doing: ” “2007” is a collection of songs and tracks made between fall of 2007 and summer of 2008 at various places in Berlin. All pieces were recorded live to tape using zither, toy keyboards and a range of crappy small instruments and equipment mostly found at Berlin’s flee markets. This cdr documents, among topmodel’s free-folk/psych attitude, the trio’s first ever public appearence at Mireia’s living room (track3), an early show at the club «West Germany», and some of topmodel’s forays into techno, synth pop and nameless melancholia.

The cdr is almost sold out in Greece. We don’t have any copies left.

But with time, changes come. At the end of the decade, Magnus declared that he would leave topmodel. In an emotional fare well to Magnus concert at West Germany, fans got wild and stormed the stage to dance and sing with us. Mireia fell behind the bench and hit her head, and the last thing heard after the applause had died down was Mireia laughing, while saying that it was the weirdest gig she ever played.

Now that Magnus has joined our board of fans, Mireia and I will continue with topmodel. Our first concert together is our second one in fact: it might be more minimal, because I have only two hands to play the keyboards. It might also get a bit more rough. In fact I don’t have a clue what it will be like. Just come and see us this monday. We will share the stage with some topmodels from Moscow: Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, read, listen and see them here.

Monday 16. August 21.00


alexei borisov/olga nosova

Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstrasse 7 (entrance via courtyard) U7 Rathaus Neukölln (exit Schönstedtstrasse)


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