The Honecker Tapes in Berlin Wedding

On 24.July I will perform in Berlin as part of The Honecker Tapes. We will be hosted by Gallery Mastul, a place that got its name from an Afghan war lord. It will be very unprobable that Mr. Mastul and his poppies will show up. No regrets, please!

It will still be a memorable evening in a surrounding where shaslick meets Steinway, and cultural dishes get served to you by smokers in tuxedo.

Almost under that same tuxedo moon that will shine upon us from behind a window, The Honecker Tapes will treat your heart and soul with an a-typical performance.

Already spoken of as Berlin’s only Noise Super Group, the three of us won’t be loud this time. We will be everywhere instead.

More direct information comes to you by Mastul himself, scroll down in amazement and find the announcement somewhere here

How to get there before continuing on the hippie trail is described here.