Aki Onda in Berlin

Some years ago I shared the stage with Aki Onda at the MeM festival in Bilbao. On that evening he played in a duo with Alan Licht. I was interested in hearing Aki`s way of using the magnetic tape. Unfortunately most of his sounds were blurred by the gentle feedback generated by Licht. I have been waiting for an occasion to organize a concert for Aki ever since. I want to hear what he does.

Coming Tuesday, 15 June, my wish will come true. A lot of mailing has been done during the last weeks in order to find a guitar amp and a bass amp. Here he describes why he uses them.

“When I play cassettes, I always use vintage tube guitar and bass amps to amplify the sound. I love the warmth and depth of tube sound. It gives a beautiful, velvet-like texture to the cassettes. This combination of cassettes and tube amps makes my sound. If they match perfectly, the sound becomes so rich and organic. These 60s and 70s amps cut the hissy, high-end and the muddy low end, since the sound of vintage amps is naturally compressed and has bandwidth limitations, frequency-wise.”

For the visitor it will be a unique occasion to witness and hear two different approaches. Aki has a system. It already looks good and composed before his walkman are plugged in. Truth is that my set up is the most photographed part of my show, but it is only because of the terrible mess I make while playing, and the flee market quality of my various cassette players and walkman.

Also the sound will be different. I will use the sound installation from the Altes Finanzamt.

Aki Onda has a special way of playing. You will see once he starts moving his walkman. Mine is different, a bit like watching running water.

But in both occassions you will hear tapes.

Follow this linkt to see a video of Aki’s concert.

This concert will be the third in a series called Tales for Tapes,that was initiated by Anton Mobin in Paris and will continue with Volume 4 on 19th of July in the French capital.

15 June, doors and DJ 21.00, 1st concert 22.00, free entry after Aki`s concert.

Tales for Tapes vol.3

Aki Onda


DJ The Shitty Listener

Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstrasse 7 (entrance via courtyard),U7 Rathaus Neukölln (exit Schönstedtstrasse)


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