skrrsssj skrsssjj – the sound of footsteps in the wood

Before I found myself waiting for a train to Russia on the Berlin station Lichtenberg, I spend days with the grlfrn in Wuppertal. While 1st of May day in Berlin was grey and full of promises of rain, those days in the west were full of bloom and sun, and even an other kind of silence, thanks to a volcanoe in Iceland.

We went for a walk in the wood nearby, or maybe the hilly site is a monument to the German Woods. I wanted to make some recordings with her iPhone. And I wanted to try out what field recordings avant la lettre would sound like. It is said that field recordings are those recordings made outside the (home) studio.

I recorded my walk with a dictaphone that I got from my niece. She works in a hospital. The doctors receive this rather expensive Grundig machine, and then don’t use it. I use it. Thank you Helene.

The dictaphone and two walkman were layed out on five different spots. And there I handmoved over the sounds with the mobile phone, without using an earphone. Like this the result would be a surprise to me.

We ended up in a former railway station converted in a cosy bar, where we saw ugly bicycle rider’s legs and ate the best grilled krakauer we ever had. It was also the longest wurst I have seen in my life.

A day later I found a call for sounds from Hans W. Koch. for the Cologne Sound Triennale. he developed a site titled ‘sounds from my neighborhood’. As always, some recorders extend their neighborhood to the place where they were on holiday, and therefore blur the idea. Others send in from their backyard. I can imagine those recordings are more rooted in the every day life of the contributor.

Burgholz 1 to 5 can be found here


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