Souvenir from Jeudi Pop

Sad news? Oh please no sad news. We met good friends in Amsterdam when we opened our tour on 9. December last year. The harsh winter had still to come. Birthday kid Harold was there with his long time partner in strange sounds Peter M. They did a real mystery show, and handled their iPhone’s like spaceship, and made them sound like uncle Theremin’s breakfast table.

And we saw a band who had invited all their uncles and aunties, and then they played sheet music as if they were back at music school, playing first time in front of an audience. I could see snot pearling from their noses, as they looked intensely at the notes they had to play. One girl bit her tongue.

Sad memory? No, no, not anymore. But at the end of that evening we watched with wrinkled smiles at the twenty euro door money we got. The music school band had invited every one to come in for free. What did they know that some people get around without state fundings?

The end of our tour was nice and warm. Rebus made this video. It is a souvenir from Paris


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