Gentrification in Action or The Liberation of Neuss

Some weeks ago I spoke with Jacek Slaski, a journalist from Tip Magazin. He wanted to write an article about Neukölln, the neighborhood of Berlin where I live. The article is out now.

A few days after its publication a kind of ‘Kremlin Watcher’ published a translation of it on his blog. English readers might discover similarities with their language. The blog – reberlin – is maintained by Alexander Korte, a German Real Estate professional and owner of Berlin Real Estate Investment.
The article in Tip has words like ‘exciting’ and ‘avant garde’ in it. One can imagine that right now in other parts of the world people are packing their suitcases.

The picture of Alexander in his blog reminded me of Geert W. , a politician who emerged from the Dutch Political Broadcasting System. And this reminded me of a radio show I did in the east Parisian home studio of Anton Mobin; Harold Schellinx was also invited.

In the podcast you can hear Anton working himself through his assorted collection of ‘plingplongs.’ Harold and I, well, we talk most of the time, in Dutch.

One of the topics that came up in our kitchen talk ( Anton’s home studio covered a big part of the kitchen table ) was the early youth of the inventor of the Political Broadcasting System: Dr Joseph G. He was loved for his charming accent.

I had always thought he was born in Neuss. For us, adepts of die totalen Musik, it could have been a haunting fact. His first cry out, however, was heard in Rheydt, a bit more to the west. A disturbing fact from his youth is that he spend some years in Kerkrade, in a college run by Franciscans. Disturbing to both of us, because we were born in towns situated even closer to Kerkrade than Rheydt is to Neuss.

After a short radio silence you can hear Harold ask: ” Did he also go to Venlo?” My radio silence after this question was caused by a little perturbation of the brain. I only knew of Germans that went to Venlo to buy marijuana. But eventually I got it. Geert W. is from Venlo. Then we go on and talk about the possibility of Joseph G. having an affair with W.’s grandmother. You know, Dr.G. had a lot of affairs.


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