February Appointments

Most of the days in February were dedicated to the production of three releases on staaltape. The first of these will be presented on the 13th. The other two will travel to Paris. Before I go see what winter looks like in the French capital, I will do one performance in Berlin.

On the 19th Der Tapeman and I bring our cassette players to Sheriff Teddy. The bar is in Friedrichshain on exactly the same address as my house in Neukölln: Weserstrasse 25. Our performance starts at 20.00. I take four cassette players and two Dictaphones. Der Tapeman might bring a box full. The idea is to use only the inbuilt speakers. The performance will go on for one hour. Tag it musique concrete, fluxus, wall of sound.

Before I leave Berlin I hope to have finished a soundtrack of thirty minutes. The songs will be send to Minsk in Belarus and find additional music there. At the base of the thirty minutes is a radio recording from the end of the nineteen fifties that I found in das Musikzimmer in Wuppertal. It was recorded on a reel to reel machine. Two lectors talk about God, love and psycho analysis.

I also have to make a selection of twenty minutes from my works and send it to Paulo Raposo in Lisbon, Portugal. He was in Berlin earlier this month and after his performance at the dkfrf, he interviewed me in an Eckkneipe in Neukölln for his programme on radio zero. Talking is what I am good at.

In Paris I perform on four consecutive days.

On wednesday the 24th I will on radio KKWNE, from 18.00 (cet+1) onwards. It is completely unpredictable what will happen, and if there are any more guests, for instance for my Parisian band Diktat. Host is Anton Mobin.

On Thursday the 25th the Paris Tape Run will be presented at En Cours. As part of this presentation all the artists minus one (TG who lives in Brussels) perform the piece C40. I open it with a five minutes multi tape loop. Espace ‘En Cours”, 56 rue de la réunion, Métro Alexandre Dumas or Avron.

On Friday 26th Anton Mobin and I join up at Pixi for an evening of trapped noise. Playing with Anton is pure energy. Think of The Who in their Keith Moon days, think of taking a ride in a roller-coaster. A concert with Anton is about swiftness and arriving on the very border of the void. And then jump, no matter where it will go. Gravity doesn’t exist in these parts of the universe.

find the concert in the very east of Paris: Le Pixi, 82 avenue de la République, 93170 Bagnolet, métros: GALIENI & ROBESPIERRE (à 5 & 8 minutes), bus: 102 & 318 (arret “Republique-Robespierre” face au bar)

Saturday 27th it is Diktat time again. With Rebus, HarS and Jean Bordé, Diktat presents another session of perverted dictaphonic intercourse that gets entangled with the courteous and thoughtful sounds that, as always, come ambling down from Jean’s double bass. Also this one will be in the very east of Paris: LA MACHINANT, 26 rue Rochebrune, 93100, Montreuil. Métro : mairie de Montreuil

On Sunday 28th I arrive in Bruxelles and reunite with my acoustic laptop. In the evening I play at (still tba), a new episode in a series of concerts organised by tzii, one of the most gifted young musicians I have met in the last year. Performing all alone this time, it might get loud. (Well, it will get loud another time...the show got cancelled. Tzii couldn’t find a space. I hope this is not a bad sign for Bruxelles.) ( I still will make a stop in Bruxelles, because I do miss my acoustic laptop, that I got as a present from Origami Boe, and that I left last december at le 96.