6. November in The Hague (NL), in Den Haag, dus

fine fleur flyer finallaatste

The idea of this festival of outsider music is born during a few summer days in Normandy.The L’Agrippa festival, organised by a group of outsiders from Rennes,  hosted a wide variety of French musicians and groups. Also present a DJ couple from The Hague. After three days of listening, but also being part of the very special atmosphere, they decided not to go back to their home country with only nice memories. At the last day of the festival John revealed to me he would do everything to bring these groups to The Netherlands, and me as well! A man a man, a word a word: Four months later the promise came true. I told him I would like to come with Jeudi Pop, my duo with nincaleece. She is from Rennes. A duo like that would only add to the idea. And that’s why we will play late on the second day of the festival. All info on the flyer.


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