Oktober Appointments

3/4 Oktober I will be in the deep south of the Netherlands, where Toon Hermans drank his wine and Jean Nelissen wrote his poems. It is here where you can climb Dutch mountains and watch down on the river Meusse and deep into the hinterlands of Belgium: Maastricht. What a town! skyline Maastricht grootWhen dandyism hit the early seventees just as hard as it hit me, it was in this town (twenty kilometers from my hometown), where I bought my shirts and shoes. In later, very much later years, I only went there, if I had a good reason to visit it. In oktober I always have a very good reason to visit my hometown Heerlen: my mother! The same weekend Art Space Het Rondeel organizes Waiting in the Wings, a festival that happens every two years. When I offered to come by with some tape machines and such, they accepted my invitation, and promised to save a little niche for me.

If someone is waiting in the wings, or in the wings, they are in the background, but nearby, ready to act on short notice. The festival visitors will encounter performers that could be as well tableaux vivants or sculptures or nailed by the ears against a wall. At the moment I am thinking of applying the definition. My performance on 3rd and 4th might see me mix my newest release “Poets in Exile”, it is, get the cassettes ready for sale. My set up will be 4track, two walkman and three tapes that hold the source material. Since “Poets in Exile” is not a plain copy from twenty minutes prepared material, but an ongoing mixing process of 150 minutes of source material, each copy will be unique. But the twenty copies all together will reflect the same moods and mysteries, much like a landscape will change during a year and even during a day.

3/4 Oktober 21.00 hour Art Space Rondeel Rondeel 2 Maastricht(NL)

On 6 and 7 Oktober I will be in Cologne to perform with nibble nibble kiss. Organized by Georg Dietzler, these two days in the big city on the Rhine, offers Angie Nina Yeowell and me a perfect possibility to expose our various thoughts and ideas on modern communication through language, gesture and sound. Please don’t write this down in your notebook. Angie much more then I has prepared a show close to modern dance, then again far enough away from it to make our visual presentation come close to a vision of a novelist (someone I used to be in the last century).

We will perform outdoor on 6th and indoor on 7th. Both shows will be different from each other. Quite different, to say the least.

Foto6. Oktober 2009 Di / 19.30 h / Tag 1 Ebertplatz / Köln Fußgängerunterführung/Treffpunkt vor dem LABOR Nowottny, Mies und Staab/Laden 5  (Europäische Kunsthalle)

7. Oktober 2009 Mi / 20.30 h / Tag 2 praxis projektatelier staab /Eigelstein 112 / Köln

Eintritt: 5/3 EUR pro Tag

On the 13nd of Oktober it is Jeudi Pop time again. Jerome who does Eyes for Ears will watch every movement of our hands. This macro climate will be projected on a screen. Nincaleece and I will concentrate on more evocative sounds, combine melodies, distant voices and field recordings. She did some music for films, so it might work. The sounds will go in space. The second hour Geert Jan Hobijn will paly his ganesha turntable and probably a bit more.

13 Oktober 20.00 Staalplaat Flughafenstrasse 38 U8 Boddinstrasse

Just two days later a long time awaited collaboration will come true with Stefano Giust, the man wise enough to detest the internet, and sweet enough to conquer the heart of a very good friend of mine. Stefano is a percussionist. And how this duet will work out I don’t know, but somehow I think it might not be just fun alone. I think if it were only for fun, I’d probably won’t do it.

15. Oktober ( Thursday ) 8pm at 2-13 Atelier Club @ Rauchhaus / Mariannenplatz 2a / Berlin-Kreuzberg

From 16 to 18 Oktober I will be in Leipzig to attend and play at the das kleine field recordings festival set up by To bias Luther at the gal.lery.org, Eisenbahnstrasse 109, Leipzig from 20.00 hours onwards, sunday matinee from 11.00 onwards.

In Berlin, well in certain niches of Berlin, you cannot come around the name of Clayton Thomas. The name has a good rhythm to it, like Waylon Jennings or Perry Mason, which makes it easy to remember. Then one day he stood before my nose and what I heard I liked a lot: not a unique experience, I say. Clayton is one of those improvisers who a lot of U bahn passengers will be able to recognize by now. You don’t move unobserved with a double bass on your back. Due to an intuitive injection I proposed him to do a duet. His only available date was the 19th, a monday. It will happen at Wendel.

Concert with Clayton Thomas is postponed, because of slow train connections between Bucarestia and Berlin. I will perform with Radio On instead

19. Oktober 22.00 Wendel Schlesische Strasse 42 U1 Schlesisches Tor

The last Oktober performance in front of an audience will be at my own place:staalplaat working space. Together with Radio On and the help of Daniela Grimm on violin we will accompany the readings of Adam Thomas. Most Berliners, a handfull Parisians and some Albionists might know Adam as Preslav Literary School. In his sound a longing melancholy combines with otherworldy bliss. As I consider the art of writng the highest form of art there is, I wonder how this sentiment colors his works of literature. In this first official edition of The Radio On Series we aim at a live creation of a radiophonic event. The unofficial premiere is now drowned in obscurity, and got Momus read, sing, act from his The Book of Jokes. This time no jokes will be told.

21. Oktober, 20.45 hours The Radio On Series #1 with Adam Thomas, Flughafenstrasse 38, U8 Boddinstrasse Berlin

The last days of the month I will spend trespassing Belgium with a recorder in my hand.


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