September Appointments

As usual, when I perform in Berlin, it always happens in various constellations. On 11. September I will attend the Noise Conference. It is set up by Markus Schwill from Dienstbar. He has found a location a bit out of centre. But the fact that it is Zigarrenfabrik Garbáty (Cigar factory) makes it all more intriguing. Since it is situated in Pankow, the former residential area of DDR -vips, I have choosen the name The Honecker Tapes for a unique collaborative moment between Der Tapeman, Angie Yeowell Blue and me. We will be one of the 20 noise conferenciers that evening. The month of September is full of holes. This evening is cancelled.

The day after on the 12th of September I will perform with topmodel at Trickster. You will find Trickster at Schlesisches Tor. Just follow the U-Bahn towards Warschauer Brücke for some 40 meters. Next to the first (and only) house at your right hand side you find an entrance to a courtyard. There. We share the bill with my friend from Monopoli, currently Florence, near futurely Berlin: Giorgia Angiuli (aka Metuo). Okay, while topmodel’s sound is moving towards the raw and beautiful, closing in on early 80’s ever more without wanting it, Giorgia is on her way to Ibiza smoothness, but surely will exhibit her more joyful and wilder side at Trickster.

Not. University bondage forced Giorgia to cancel her flight. She will finish her study first. I will keep you posted on her Berlin arrival. She will be replaced by her friend Nincaleece.


On the 14th of September I will meet up again with Ninah Pixie and the great dAS from Big City Orchestra. With Adrian Shephard we will conduct a radio show from the Staalplaat Working Space. Expect words on their 30 year long career and inevitably on the cassette culture of which they are part for an equally long period.

15. September BCO will play NK. And like the last time they hit Berlin back in 2007, when we shared the bill at the Zentrale Randlage, I will be joined by Giorgia. The concert then was one of my best in that year. Alas, the near future has moved a bit forward in time.

Let’s see what the picture will be like this time. And this line has another meaning right now. Giorgia (see above) has cancelled her flight. If I play solo or with someone else will be decided at the last moment.

On the 17th of September it will be radio in action at the Staalplaat Working Space. Momus will read from his The Book of Jokes. He will present it as a puppet show. He agreed upon having Radio On (Adrian Shephard and me) and violinist Nick Reddel with him, to provide the story with a sonic background. It is an idea I have for years now, from when I was part of  Dutch literature and fantasized about having readings. I think it is still uncommon among writers to have musicians with a taste for radiophonics accompany them. My thanks goes out to Momus for accepting my proposal and join us in this experiment.

My final evening in September is part of the regular monthly I organize at Sowieso in Berlin Neukölln. This time I have decided to turn it into a complete Dutch evening. Geert Jan Hobijn was a regular at the Radio 100 studio in Amsterdam from 1986 to 1997. Radio 100, an FM radio is irreplacable, and marked an era. Geert Jan Hobijn’s Amsterdam has disappeared as well. He became an international renown sound artist. The evening at Sowieso is by no means a tribute to a lost period. But it will offer a different acoustic approach to sounds that you normally encounter. DJ Kim Laugs will complete the trojka. Saturday 19 September, 21.00 hours, Weisestrasse 24, U8 Leinestrasse.

End of summer: 21st of September.


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