August appointments

On the first of August I travelled to Leipzig where I played at the Electric Garden Festival. In a very intimate setting surrounded by parents and their children I weaved a carpet of sounds to accompany the small talk and chit chat that saturday afternoons are good for. 3796599338_dcb190dd72_o The very young kids guarded the texture and volume of my set. As soon as it got too many layered or too loud they started yelling with high pitched voices. Since those are not the kind of field recordings I like, I sticked to the mumbling volume around me and provided the visitors with some alternative lounge music for a good hour and a half .

On the 8th of August topmodel was meant to play at the raumerweiterungshalle. Also scheduled were Suki Tawdry and O.D.A.L. the latter one of the aliasses of Peter Zincken. The Raumerweiterungshallians are a group of politically correct gays. This slightly mental disturbance urged them to ban Peter from their premisses after looking at some vids on his space side. (I point to the political correctness rather then to sexual preferences, as I don’t see much difference in their sectarian approach compared to groups like scientologists, fundamentalists of any kind or hard core soccer fans). The evening there got cancelled. Aubrey of suki tawdry was very disappointed by this and on fridaynight the 7th we decided to move to Staalplaat. They had their extravaganza of costume, dance and spoken word and lots of glitter. Topmodel played in the front room of the shop in what was – according to modelmagnus – one  of our best performances since long. Very varied and very dynamic as a trained violin player confessed after our show.


flyer by minuit delacroix

nibble nibble kiss is my duo with angie nina blue yeowell. I look up and envision Rumi’s tomb. Memories fly on the wings of love. It is blue, blue as her name, and in the evening it is dark. There is a hole in the top of the dome. The Universe is a plate full of pearls. They fall in my lap, around me. I hear poems.

Our performance at Sowieso on 13. August was seen by momus. He wrote: “But really I want to talk about the joy of unpopular art, and why Berlin is so great, and how I never get tired of it. This was a Rinus van Alebeek show, and the drone guru was followed by Nibble Nibble Kiss, Rinus’ band with Angie Nina Blue Yeowell. I say “band”, but nothing so vulgar as rock music was involved. Rinus mumbled narratives and activated handheld tape machines (mini-dictaphones using bizarre tape formats, things you have to scour flea markets all your life to find, although Rinus says friends just give them to him free) and Angie sang directly onto a sheet of metal — I’ve been using plate reverb all my life, but I’ve never seen someone achieving the effect by singing, literally, onto a plate of metal. It was great, an intriguing 3D sound experience made immersive by the many pinpoint device speakers being used.”

Nibble nibble kiss will play again on 24th of August at Madame Claude.

On the 15th of August the composition “Achter het Behang” was played over four cassette players in a darkened room at Sturm und Liebe Vol.3 in Regensburg. Mainly recordings from very early morning piano playing and the geodesic dome in Brandenburg, Kentucky were used for this piece. To catapult the imagination of the listener into the right direction, it came with the synopsis of a short story about a young woman alone at home while her husband is working in a mine. She tears down the wallpaper, discovers old newspapers behind it and reads bits of them while she continues the work. At eight o’clock she discovers a hole in the wall.

Apart from the unrolling sounds, the story also gets its suspense if you know it refers to an accident in the mines of Lengede. The rescueing operations were directly televised in 1963. My father was a miner as well. As soon as  Albert Plank, the curator of the festival will send some impressions, I will post them here.

The rest of the month I should dedicate to composing a piece for the upcoming Framework Cd.


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