June Appointments

After dedicating a lot of time to Staalplaat Workng Space, I will leave Berlin for a short period. Before doing so, I will play at two evenings in different settings.

Friday 5th of June I will play with topmodel at Sowieso, the neu nostalgic cove designed and run by Dutch ex pat Marc van der Kemp. Those who want to see the Flughafenkiez, close to Tempelhof, before gentrification will restyle the neighborhood, should come now, while it is still, well… authentic? This evening is the first one in a monthly series, curated by and featuring me in different constellations. In tonight’s episode Hilde Tropengold will play alongside with topmodel.

dogtopflyer by chrizzi heinen

Friday 5. June
Weisestrasse 24
U-Bahn Leinestrasse
Hilde Tropengold
start 21.00

Saturday 6. June A new feature in the Berlin marginal circus is “not so loud,” which is held in the k77 dance studio. It is located on the Lonely Planet fähige Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg. Together with Adrian Shephard and Barnaby Tree I will present a dramatic piece that will hold elements of inversed theatre, radio drama and modern dance classics. The collaboration with Adrian is rooted in our idioclastic absurd radio sessions. One afternoon while recording a radiophonic work we were joined by Barnaby Tree and his cello. Adrian played recordings from occult and earthly fields. Barnaby added a dramatic almost filmic touch to my neu realsitic stories from colonial India. We discovered the combination worked pretty well. At the very relaxed studio of k77 we will try to add another chapter to the cartography of radiophonics.

Saturday 6. June
K77, dance studio
Kastanienallee 77 2HH. 3rd Floor
U-Bahn Eberswalderstrasse
Barnaby Tree, Testcard and me

start 20.30 (!)

Friday 12 May, Those who think that the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is the place where you can visit every kind of cultural event possible, from high brow mainstream to the dungeons of noise – culture are wrong. Except for the mediatic noise there is nothing that links the Dutch capital to this form of (anti-) art. I don’t know for what reason this should be so. Maybe you will find or hear an answer if you come to the current noise capital of the Netherlands: Tilburg. Thanks to the nozems of vatican analog the tradition lives on. The collective even links it to fluxus and what more. So if you are on a museum/gallery tour of the low countries, then make a stop in the very heart of it. A whole evening of disintegrating activism and other assorted assaults on fundamentalist believes you will feel and hear at Optimus Prime Noise Fest. Twenty performances or more, I will play there as well.


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