March Appointments

A great part of the promising month I will spend in France. On 6, 7 and 8 March I will be found in the bar of Le Lieu Unique during the Sonor Festival.

That’s how it sounds in French:

Rinus propose au moyen de sessions de mix courts, à base de bandes magnétiques, d’atmosphériser les moments de transition entre les différentes performances de la soirée.

In real time it sounds like a lot of people talking and some sounds that move in between their conversations. Now in Nantes writing this, I had the luck to arrive on a bright sunny day, so that I could marvel at the beautiful sharp light in this part of the world. Unfortunately the day ended with ‘drewling’ wheather, as John Morin, my host put it. Also this evening I will mix sounds from my box of cassettes. On Sunday midday I will do a live interview for the local radio JetFm that organized this, somehow, unique festival of radiophonic productions.

7 – 8 March, Le Lieu Unique, Foyer Haut, Quai Ferdinand-Favre, Nantes

On the 8th of March I will return to Paris, where I will live a week in a small appartment in Quartier Latin. I hope I can finish a piece I am writing, called ‘predicting the past,’ and maybe do some recordings to add to my parisian collection. Paris is also hometown to Diktat. This means that no visit to the French capital will be without a performance. The first one will be at the studio of radio aligre and will be transmitted live on the songs of praise.

9 March,  AligreFM 93.1 , Paris and RP

I will use Harold Schellinx as an unmasked ghostwriter for the following two announcements.

At La Comète 347 in Paris, you may attend the first ever SIMULTANEOUS EAI concert , curated by Jean Bordé. That evening in three different corners of La Comète three different EAI-groups (La Brocante Sonore [Belgium/France], DIKTAT [Paris/Berlin], andNozal Cube [France]) will perform at the same time … Be there at 20h30 …

13 March, La Cométe, rue du Faubourg du Temple 45, (fond de la cour), Paris,  M° Goncourt / République

PETIT PARIS: das kleine à PARIS :: Radio Aligre FM/SoP and Ana-R present the first Parisian edition of das kleine fieldrecordings festival, the renowned running festival organized and curated by Rinus van Alebeek, dedicated to the divers ways in which artists make use of fieldrecordings: the recorded sounds of our environment … Place to be: Espace Radio Aligre, 42 rue de Montreuil, Paris XI. Rinus himself will be the event’s maître de cérémonies… Performances by Gaël Segalen, Emmanuel Mieville, Julie la Rousse, Emmanuel Rébus et Kim Joeun, Jean-Philippe Renoult and Seth Cluett  That’s from 17h till 21h

14 March, DKFRF at space of Radio Aligre, 42 Rue de Montreuil, Paris XI, M°: Nation / Rue des Boulets

In the middle of the month I will return to Bretagne, this time to Rennes, to meet up with the musiciens from  attaché.

19 March, La Bascule, 2 Rue de la Bascule, Rennes

The day after I will leave France and make a stopover in Maastricht. There I will meet Kim Laugs. We will perform the theatrical piece ‘Adam Leb’, a post romantic tale about an astronaut lost in space, drifting through the galaxies, who every now and then tries to start the engine again.

20 March, Het Rondeel, Rondeel 2, 6219 Maastricht

The rest of the month it will be Sturm der Liebe in Wuppertal.

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