February Appointments

February sees a diversity of activities. Starting of the first weekend I am somehow sonically involved in the performance Radio Transformer by Grupo Oito. Prior to the performance I will welcome the arriving audience with a mix of my last two fourtrack compositions.

Friday/Sat/Sun 6-7-8th Academia Jangada, Torstrasse 109,

sounds at 19.30, dance at 20.00

On the afternoon of saturday 7th, Adrian Shephard and I will conduct a special emission of Radio On. Our guest will be Momus, who will do radioblogging and bring his favourite songs. Discussions on a wide variety of topics are to be expected, most probably centered around his last entry on his blog. The show will be streamed with the kind permission of raudio.

Saturday 7th. Radio On with Momus, 15.00 – 18.00 CET+1. Live Stream

On Friday 13th. I set up an evening with a slight Hawaiian touch. Brandon Labelle has been inspired by the little theatre at sowieso and will design a sound performance especcially for that room. Francesco Cavaliere is slowly rising to fame, also thanks to his appearance on a compilation CD published by the Wire. His quest for the secret life of sound will result in some strange percussive moments. It will be Francesco’s last appearance in Berlin, before he embarks on a larger tour. Haarmann, also a known composer for radio drama will apply his skills to a black and white movie: The Hawaii Story.

13. February, Post Hawaii with Brandon Labelle, Francesco Cavaliere and Haarmann at Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, Berlin Neukölln, U-Leinestrasse, doors open 20.30

The day after I will play with Topmodel , a special love and passion extravaganza to forget the lonely hearts they sell at Valentine’s day. Momus, who is also a designer of love styles, will make one of his rare Berlin appearances. Better come early, as it might fill up. The 120+ that saw us at West Germany last summer won’t fit in!

Saturday 14th. Momus, Topmodel at Loophole, Boddinstrasse 60, U-Rathaus Neukölln, doors open 20.30

On the 20th of February all the guests who visited a wedding at Wedding will be sober again. Pato, our friend who is living in exile in the barren land of Danmark, will return for a short period to Berlin. Alongside with this genius of autodestructive laptop music, will play drone dreamers Crystal Plumage and Seiji Morimoto…does he and his work, a delicate mixture of joy and humorism, need a further introduction? Seiji is world class! I will do a duet with Marta aka penelopex; we will be announced as rinopexxx for the occasion. EXTRA: the whole evening looks like turning into a kind of found and loved neukoelln all stars festival. Two more persons will be added to the list of performers: Kakawaka who I saw at Wallywoods, wrestling with balloons, spoons and shopping trolleys, making some fine noise as well. Also David Gomez from Madrid, who is cruising the Berlin bars these days with vinyl and noise detectors will come and play a set. His name is Krapooka with two little infinite zero’s. Smart town musical jewels and lethal cocktails will be served by DJ Insultor. 

Friday 20th, Pato, Crystal Plumage,Seiji Morimoto, Rinopexxx, Kakawaka, Krapoola and DJ Insultor at Loophole, Boddinstrasse 60, U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln doors open 20.30

The following friday the das kleine field recordings festival will come back in a new intercontinental format. Yinyi from Shanghai, Andy Graydon freshly back from his native Hawaii and Wolfgang Meyer cycling in from a houseboat in Spandau will use their field recordings in completely diverse ways. Especially Wolfgang Meyer’s approach might surprise some dkfrf followers. I won’t cut the veil. Just come and listen, because that is what it is all about.

February 27th. Wolfgang Meyer, Yinyi, Andy Graydon at Loophole, Boddinstrasse 60, Berlin Neukölln, U Bahn Rathaus Neukölln, doors open 20.30

Rinus in France soon


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