Musik Für Mitte


Thanks to a request from Athens to provide the younger generation with a nice soundtrack, I have dedicated some time to turn some of my Berlin Recordings into little compositions.

The Cdr is now out, not mentioned yet on the website, but already spotted by FdW on his VW

The Cdr contains recordings from various parts of Berlin, and yes also Mitte (Alexanderplatz) is included, but so are Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Wannsee. Some of the recordings I left like they were. ‘Monument’ was recorded on the grave of Heinrich von Kleist.


I have chosen the title “Musik Für Mitte” to help out all those who have a bar or a restaurant in the middle of Berlin. Maybe I was inspired by the fantastic title “Music for your Car” , a cassette I bought in India long ago by a singer whose name I forgot. And, alas, also the cassette got lost on the way. Maybe one day in some car my songs will be heard alongside with hers.


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