coming home for christmas


On the morning of 18th december I will leave for Amsterdam taking the train. In Amsterdam I will meet up with my all time big friend Peter B. and probably have some beers and jenevers in the well warmed bars in the centre.
Either Saturday or Sunday we will go down to the subtropical part of the Netherlands, to the west side of the geographical appendix called Zuid Limburg.
There in the Willemstraat of Heerlen (once notorious for its hookers and heroin junks) I will perform in Kunstencentrum Signe.
I am very glad that Mike Kramer got hold of Toek, a guy I met when we were in our early twenties, and again twenty years later in my Tuscan residency in Castiglione del Terziere. There we sat an afternoon in the garden. He was telling stories, and I just had to listen, with pleasure. Toek amazed me at his capacity to catch the exact sound of the crickets, and imitate it with his voice. He proved to be a very entertaining story teller. I am looking forward to hear his soundminglings but also to this evening at the dark end of the year.


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