A very short index of things to do when it is not raining, nor snowing.

(Some days later: no rain, yes rain, no snow, yes snow..but the snow that fell on top of us was wet like the tongue of a young dog. My jacket gets sprayed wiith the dirt of the streets when I ride my bike. Night falls upon us even before normal folks return from their work. The shopping centres are illuminated with christmass joys. Little sparks fall of balconies.

I finished reading a book by Francoise Sagan, my first book ever written by that woman. Peter on the phone from Amsterdam told me that Francoise was a fine woman. Had I read ‘Bonjour Tristesse?’

Though the translation was in a way helpless in words, I liked the distance in the book, where boredom and caring for the inbetween moments defined a very fragile sensation of happiness. The flow of times might be too forcefull.

Then I visited Bela. I proposed my feuilleton to him. I started it last year. The pages were warm with sunlight, then. The online magazine finished its activities, and I lost the stimulus to go on. I should pick it up, though. I like to wander around in my imagination. There is so many stories and persons yet to encounter.)

On the first of december I will play with Adam Leb, a lost astronauts black hole of sounds with Kim Laugs. For the occasion we will be joined by two extremely illegal musicians from another continent. Mme Claude will be the host.

(In fact Kim was struck by a flu. We will retry on saturday. Everything is fine)

Days of writing (not yet) and copying my newest cassette release, The Russian Novelist (already available at Staalplaat in Berlin for 7 Euro), will follow (three so far). Then on the 6th of December I organise an evening with illegal guests from a Chinese prawn Garden and Marinos from Greece and again Adam Leb playing in front of the galaxies at Alberto Ukebana in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Next saturday 13th another episode of das kleine field recordings festival in Sowieso in Weisestrasse, Neukölln with Anemone Tube, Folding Leaves, Folding Silence and JD Zazie.

(JD is Valeria Merlini. She came by in my kitchen last month for a long interview. It is published now. She really did a fine job. Read it if you understand Italian)

On The 18th of December I will leave town, going to Amsterdam, and on the 21st of December you will find me playing in Kunstencentrum Signe in my hometown Heerlen, as one of the coming home for christmas guests who will bring souvenirs and stories.

I will return to Berlin on the 28th of December and play a solo gig at Mme Claude on the 29th of December.

Then it will snow.


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