November activities


It all started on the 1st of November with a 5 hours session by The Natural History Museum of Sound at studio aporee. Listen to the the recordings, a bonus track, and have a look at some pictures.

On the 5th of November I have set up a show at Alberto Ukebana with Eran Sachs from Israel, Valerio Tricoli from Italy, now Berlin and Andy Graydon from U.S.A. now Berlin. For Andy it will be his first show in Berlin since some years. All three of them are artists with some kind of biography. Follow the links and you might get an idea of what the evening will be like.

On the 8th of November I will be performing with topmodel at ZAA Marienburgerstr. 47, Berlin Prenzlauerberg, together with Jason and his voice and boots and friends.

On the 14th of November I will play with Manuela Barile en de Drones. See the duck entry for details.

The 15th of November will see another episode of das kleine field recordings festival with Bug from Switzerland, Manuela Barile from Portugal, Luis Costa from Portugal and Les Molaires de L’est from France. Take a look at the space page blog for extra details.

Still unsure, but to confirmed soon will be the edition of das kleine field recordings festival & dance, curated by Katty Bruch and me. Probably it will take place on the 22nd. You will read about it here.

Another evening set up for friends will be at Alberto Ukebana on the 26th of November with performances by 3 star hotel, an audio/visual trio with Fabio Orsi, Pato will shortly return from his Danish electronic exile to play conga on his laptop, and bring some friends as well. Special invite of the evening is Maikko, who flew in from Turin to play on this evening as a musician, and on the 29th of November as a field recordist.

29th of November another episode of das kleine field recordings festival deep in the heart of Neukölln, in the cosy little bar/theatre sowieso with maikko and one of the key figures of the Berlin noise scene, Der Tapeman. Der Tapeman has a great collection of cassette recordings that he used for his shows. For dkfrf he will go through his collection and bring the collateral noises, that some of us recognize as pure field recordings. A third act will be announced soon.


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