14th of November in KuLe, Berlin Mitte


On the 14th of November I will play in Kule, Auguststrasse 10 in Berlin Mitte. There is a reason for it. When I organized one evening of das kleine field recordings festival, I met Jörg, who represents Kule and has the keys. He showed me his little studio. There I encountered a most wondrous collection of self made, colourfull instruments. I thought of Africa. I also thought that it would be great to hear Jörg actually play these instruments. But how to transport them? But of course the solution was not even Moses/mountain like. I would organize a date in Kule. And so it would be the 14th of november, right after Jörg’s trip to Portugal.

Alongside with him will be playing Jonbo- N’jovi. Seiji Morimoto and Francesco Cavaliere started working together some months ago. It is a very satisfactory collaboration for these two little geniusses. Both share fascination and commitment. Both are always innovative. Both are always on the look out to construct new instruments. Luckily both have a very good sense of humour as well. The duck in the picture will be one of the instruments to be used by the duo. But the audience will also see an absolute première. Seiji is a learned gamelan player. Expect fierce drumming and other sounds.

I will play with De Drones. For this occasion Haarmann and I will be the backing group of Manuela Barile, a young woman with an extraordinary gifted voice. Our music will sound like the next German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, with a touch of good old Italo Disco.

Friday 14th of November
doors open 20.30
start 21.45
Augustsstrasse 10
Berlin Mitte
U-Bahn Oranienburger Tor
S-Bahn Oranienburger Strasse


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