Last Days of Oktober

The lazy days are gone again. I finished two pieces for cassette, one based on a singing train, the other based on a ghost story by Gloria Whatwasherlastnameagain. In the coming days I will see if they can make it into yet another small cassette release.

In Berlin there will be another episode of das kleine field recordings festival with Alexandre Decoupigny, Evapori, and Origami Boe, who is my all time favourite for the Nobel price for Peace. Boe will bring some guests, so it will be kind of special.

All will take place in the warm atmosphere of sowieso, a bar deep in Berlin Neukölln, Weisestrasse 24. U8 Leihestrasse.

Next week will see the start of the topmodel tour in Berlin. The complete schedule looks like this

28 Oct 2008 21:00
Dienstbar/Ballast der Republik Berlin-Mitte
29 Oct 2008 21:00
Valentin Stüberl Berlin
30 Oct 2008 19:30
Puti Klub Berlin-Kreuzberg
31 Oct 2008 21:00
O Tannenbaum Berlin
8 Nov 2008 20:00
ZAA Berlin

Each one of our show will be different from the other.

Either Loud, or acoustic, with or without keyboards.

No Liebeslied this time,

but a brand new Cd-r: Topmodel 2007

november news will follow soon


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