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Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector on Ranch, Stories from the West Coast – “The sounds here of, for example, rainfall, sad and slow piano music, distant radio voices, spoken word fragments, and more rainfall, are edited and juxtaposed with a grace and sympathy that’s bordering on the mystical. Most creators would have to hypnotise themselves in a mirror before they could arrive at the state of omniscience which Van Alebeek is apparently able to summon at will.”

Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector on Algiers – “Exceptional work, imaginative, strong”

Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly on Audiozine #2 Diktat in America – “You listen to a trip and fascinating that is.”

Flavien Gillié in The Field Reporter on Diktat in Berlin – “And the more one listens to this fierce album, the more come to one’s mind Moondog, who played in streets and ended his life in Germany. This choice to record this Diktat in Berlin makes even stronger the assertion that those four are indeed the dignified heritors of the incredibly missed Louis Thomas Hardin.”

Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector on Audiozine #1 Glenn Branca – “I sometimes wonder why other “artistic” field recordists tend to produce such dead documents of the environment: sedate, minimal, almost inhuman in their clinical beauty. Then you hear an ugly but vital document like this one, almost scary in the way it depicts and totally embraces the raw and bleeding inhospitality of modern urban life.”

James Wyness in Fouter and Swick on You can Kill a Pig in July – “Captivating, engaging, warm and intimate.”

Richard Allen in A Closer Listen on The 19th Century – “Loud, brash, and seemingly chaotic, the tape takes a while to reveal its form. It stops, it starts, it stares, and eventually it inspires a begrudging awe.”

Brian Olewnick in Just Outside on Plays Cycle des souvenirs by Luc Ferrari– “It’s a wonderful idea … and works brilliantly … it all blends with the “Cycle” as though it had always been there.”

Julian Cope in Head Heritage on Plays Cycle des Souvenirs by Luc Ferrari – “What to make of this disc? I’ve no idea other than I play this sucker constantly.”

The Wire on Plays Cycle des Souvenirs by Luc Ferrari – “The original piece was itself a collection of memories from former haunts, and Alebeek squares that circle beautifully… ” – extract


On Bandcamp

Rescue Radio On


On Bandcamp;

Elevator for the Death


Released by Populista for Bôlt records.


Rinus van Alebeek and Michał Libera set out for a dozen of excursions into Calabrian towns armed with Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ as a guide book, to recite, talk, read, listen, drink coffee, perform, play, record, play back… or: blow, bow, rub, explode, scrape, walk, ignore, talk, screw, dance, whistle, which are all suggestions of Alvin Lucier to make large and small resonant environments sound. The material recorded during these attempts to make invisible cities of Calabria sound was then composed by Rinus van Alebeek to form a road-audio-book.


Diktat – Audiozine#2 Diktat in America
Released by staaltape


New Jerusalem
Released by Haltapes

Hollands Spoor – Werkzaamheden
Digital release by Soundblog


Says Harold Schellinx:

“Sometimes Rinus van Alebeek and Har$ become the ad hoc impromptu tape tinkering dictaphone duo Hollands Spoor. In 2013 this happened twice, during two consecutive editions of Tales for Tapes, both celebrating the 50th anniversary of the audio compact cassette. This digital EP contains two extracts of the recordings of these 2013 = C50 performances, each lasting a little under ten minutes.”

The recordings were made in Paris and in Berlin.


ALGIERS (self release)

Recorded live at West Germany in Berlin.
Cassette of 30 minutes.


description and ordering details

She Will Be Beautiful – 51 Days
(duo with Anton Mobin)


Cassette of 60 minutes with two live versions of the duo, recorded in Bruxelles and Berlin.
Released by/available at H.A.K. lo-fi record.



Early Piano Works

Released by/available at H.A.K. lo-fi record
C40, edition of 50 copies
– 6€ at staalplaat shop
5€ directly from H.A.K.

Rain on your Hands on side one was recorded live directly on cassette at the Placard Festival held in Audioscoop, Maastricht, early in the year 2007. Three walkman played back recordings over three headphones. The microphone was right in the middle of the six little headphone speakers. It captured the recordings, my voice, the mumbling of the audience, a stolen cassette with stolen conversations and my play of the piano in the adjacent room.

All the titles on Side B came together in this order in the first days of december, 2010. The sounds come from my own recordings, some of them pre-fab compositions, some of them for the very first time united as you hear them. It is a collage of very fast cuts, piano, readings, memories, diary’s, done in the spirit of the old reel-to-reel cut and glue tradition.

The bonus track on Lala Lala is the Lala Lala bit of a Cambodian cassette presented to me by Blenno, reworked with my Marantz.



RANCH (self release)

C30 in an edition of twenty copies.
Every copy is a different mix, done in one go per side.
Available at staalplaat store

When listening back to the recordings, I couldnot help noticing that I had captured a moment in the newest history of the West Coast. This didnot happen because of my composing skills, if at all I have any. It is a simple result of the radio voices, the dated music and the snippets of the book by the zen master that got destructed or highlighted, but also mixed with the more intimate sounds of my recordings (that in fact could have been anyone’s recordings).

I connected three walkman to a fourtrack and used the fourtrack as a mixer and a player. In this way I could do a mix using four different sources and record them at the same time on my Marantz.


Glenn Branca (staaltape 2013)


Glenn Branca is a black chrome cassette of 60 minutes.

Side A – City of Music

This is a long composition in which parts of the Branca recordings and New York City location recordings are used.

Side B – Paris – New York

This piece is the complete recording of the backstage conversation.

Side B – D.C.Sept. 30 2012

Excerpts from the performance.


The recordings on dictaphone were made by Harold Schellinx, Emmanuel Rebus and me. The New York location recordings were made by me.

Ed Pinsent writes in The Sound Projector:

“I sometimes wonder why other “artistic” field recordists tend to produce such dead documents of the environment: sedate, minimal, almost inhuman in their clinical beauty. Then you hear an ugly but vital document like this one, almost scary in the way it depicts and totally embraces the raw and bleeding inhospitality of modern urban life.”

Available at staalplaat

Released by Zeromoon, the three-track Album
is now available on bandcamp.
It will cost you $1.99 for the whole album
or $0.99 per track.
Track list
The Great Whale
The Opium Merchants
Winterspaziergang im Schnee
All source material was recorded by or given to Rinus van Alebeek.
All source material was directly recorded onto cassette or mini-cassette

with the use of a professional walkman

Cover picture by Barbara Gessner

______________________________________________________Last year Diktat performed inside and outside in Berlin.

The digital album Diktat – In Berlin documents the audio part of these performances. Throw in your Dollars or Deutschmarks and make it yours:

DIKTAT in Berlin


Diktat is Jean Bordé on double bass, Harold Schellinx, Emmanuel Rébus and me on various dictaphones.

Read Diktat outside/inside the Manufactured Normalcy Field

Follow DIKTAT @diktat_us


The 19th Century

Released by Idiosyncratics Records

Factory duplicated tape with handmade artwork.
Snapcase (including j-card) comes in a cardboard hand-stamped packaging.

“Cassettes didn’t exist in the 19th century…. “ review by Richard Allen (A Closer Listen)


Four Corners of the Night
(also with Anton Mobin, Pierce Warnecke/Kris Limbach)

released by Staaltape

“The title says it all: this is a dark, bleak tape that succeeds in showing glints of humanity among the pieces. Singular in tone (…), not by choice or action, but by circumstance. A very compelling, if slightly short listen.” – Ben Marat, Los Angeles

“This tape will haunt you.” – Paul Buonaventura, Leicester

” I recommend this tape highly to not only field recording lovers but also to those who just want a good listen.” – Carmen Polanski, Buenos Aires

“it could easily be the most beautiful or the most infuriating thing you’ve heard for weeks.” – Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector


(cassette – c60) on Stront

philosophie avec moi/la muerte es mentira


( CD) POPULISTA presents RINUS VAN ALEBEEK plays LUC FERRARI Cycle des Souvenirs

Official release date: 15.10.2011

Populista is a CD series curated for Bolt Records

“a curious item, which leaves – again! – a lot to ponder about” – vital weekly

“OK, this is a little confusing.” – Olewnick, Just Outside

“The original piece was itself a collection of memories from former haunts, and Alebeek squares that circle beautifully… ” – The Wire, Dec.2011

“Endlich, endlich, endlich!” – Skug, Journal für Musik

“…this record significantly revitalises the genres of field recording and tapework” – The Sound Projector

“Zapisuje na taśmie wspomnienie o graniu „cyklu wspomnień” kompozytora, który specjalizował się w muzyce na taśmę. Cyklu, w którym składniki funkcjonują w cyklach i mają się spotykać w sposób losowy, tworząc przypadkowe konstelacje i wrażenie.” – popup music

” En cirkel sluts på ett briljant sätt.” – Johan Redin, soundofmusic

“at album’s end, listeners feel obliged to do their own noisy fidgeting, so embedded in your own life has this record become.” Julian Cope


Luc Ferrari ( cdr + booklet, in 7″” deluxe package ) released by Mathka

Recorded on October 28th, 2010
at the house of Luc and Brunhild Ferrari in Montreuil, France.

Addidtional voice by Brunhild Ferrari.

Picture of Rinus van Alebeek by Mireia Guzman.

Picture of Luc Ferrari, filming of “Les Grandes repetitions: Deserts” (1965)
by Laszlo Ruszka (C)Ina.

“Maybe I got it all wrong. I have no idea..” – vital weekly

“it is difficult to know whether what we are hearing is household clatter or the ambient sound Ferrari famously incorporated into his work. ” – sonomu

“Et malgré cela ce disque est magnifique. Merci à Rinus van Alebeek de m’avoir choisi de tels voisins.” – le son du grisli

“It’s a wonderful idea … and works brilliantly … it all blends with the “Cycle” as though it had always been there.” – Olewnick, Just Outside

“Hmmmm…not really sure what to do with this one.” – foxy digitalis


Two releases on Staaltape, follow the links for extensive information:

You can kill a Pig in July

“Captivating, engaging, warm and intimate.” – Fouter and Swick

Tales for Tapes #7 (4 euro)

Live moments on this cassette release.


Tape limited to 33 copies

A1. Rinus van Alebeek: Bois de la Cambre, Brussels 28.02.2010
A2. Tzii: Jean Robie Straat 51, Brussels-Sint Gillis 13.12.2009

B1. Rinus van Alebeek + Tzii: Mariannenplatz 23, Berlin-Kreuzberg 30.04.2010
B2. Tzii + Rinus van Alebeek: Rue Jean Robie 51, Brussels-Saint Gilles 13.12.2009

on Night on Earth


“Liebe Neurose & Christliche Moral” / “Day by day” – split with Anton Mobin

A new release at palustre:

their text:

It’s been a while since I first met Rinus and his rolling circus of magnetophones. Here you get a someway threatening collection of analog sounds, tape atomization, and spoken words.
Anton Mobin works perfectly as a companion on this split release, this capturer of fleeting moments based in Paris seems to be surrounded by some strange sounds…
File under: environmental metaphysics, subliminal field-recs.
c(60) Limited to 50 copies- sprayed tapes

excerpt me

excerpt anton


poets in exile.

This is one of the five cassettes exclusively made for Drone Records. You can still buy one through mail order. 2×10 minutes of sounds, voices, whirls, hidden stories.


Musik für Mitte Cdr ( editions zero – absurd

The Russian Novelist C-40
(side a the russian novelist
side b philosophy avec moi
Two narrative compositions with the use of techniques taken from literature)

Lebend in Berlin C-40
(side a brahms
side b bruhms
A live recording from a duo performance with Der Tapeman)

Lebend in Berlin is available at staalplaat

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