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I have a new website

It looks almost the same as this one,
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From now on all new content will be published there.

This site will remain dormant.
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Once Again: Radio On (The Works and Workings of Adrian Shephard and Me)

The collaboration between Adrian (Shephard) and me started in the east of Berlin in the year 2006. Initially we were transmitting via a secret link on a big important cultural server in the center of Amsterdam. Those programs evolved around musics we got from artists living in or visiting Berlin. But we left that formula pretty fast when we decided to focus on interviews instead, or on interviewing ourselves.

hard boiled

Especially the interviews with ourselves lead us to unknown regions of our fantasy. We avoided any actual item such as one can read in the news, and never got into any existing theories. We were interested in the absurd and the unreal. We were also interested in making everything up.

hard boiled

The collaboration or friendship, or both worked also very well on a sonic level. We discovered we had the same sense of timing, and the same taste when it came to playing together for short intervals during our shows. Adrian on various self-built or custom made electronic devices, old synths or occasional objects, me mainly on tape and voice, that I used for singing as well.

hard boiled

Once we came to a point that sourcefabric gratefully granted us the use of their resources we could finally establish our radio, that over the years got a growing number of collaborators to whom we offer Radio On as a laboratory, or as a place to transmit their live programs. You can find out by simply tuning in at any hour, or follow the tweetline for the latest news.

hard boiled

The -Early but not late Radio-On show * Rinus and Adrian Return from the past- radio show offers a fine example of our collaboration. The show itself was made last year. There are some references to the actual situation in Europe back then: the crisis in Greece, a new King in the Netherlands.

hard boiled

The show starts of with the announcement that it will be all about the Dream Machine and dreams, and then, typically, never gets to that point. Instead there is a long conversation on fishing with icecubes with maggots in it; we buy the Greek TV and put it in the back room; The story of Yodel Onassis who is refused by the Swiss to stall his money on their banks (ends with a tremendous rant against everything Swiss by Yodel): Joan Baez gets interviewed in a paranormal way (She answers through excerpts from the lyrics of one of her albums). There are songs, sound effects, spontaneous improvisations and an avalange of associations that takes us, and thus the listener in ever deeper waters of misunderstanding.

Just try.
Shephard/Van Alebeek -Early but not late Radio-On show * Rinus and Adrian Return from the past- broadcasts All through Oktober on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 22:00-24:00 Berlin time on Radio On

When in Rome

On 21. September I will perform in Rome at the Teatri di Vetro festival. It will be the first time in a while, and I hope it will be as making love, swimming, speaking a in foreign language or eating andijviestamppot, albeit not specifically in this order, and not in this sense. I mean, I hope I will feel as comfortable as ever when playing a live set.

The evening will be very special, because the curator of the musical part, Enea Tomei makes me almost feel embarrassed when talking about my work. I do love to hear that people admire the things I do, but I love to hear it silently, a bit like waking up on your birthday as a kid and facing all those presents. Once a year is enough, really. So, if you think I am great, please tell me on my birthday. I might need it on that day. Feeling great, I mean.

There will be new friends as well who normally listen to a different thing, called music, so I don’t want to disappoint them either.

Anyways. I have a very precise plan for this performance, which I am not going to reveal to you here for the simple reason that plans are very unstable entities on the plain of my near future endeavours. They are a bit like Schroedingers christmas presents.

But now. One thing is sure. Today I compiled a B-Side to the A-Side I composed earlier this year, entitled ‘Don’t Talk at the Disco.’ Here is a picture of the set-up on my table today.


There are a lot of tapes in this picture. I used quite a lot. There is no title for the B-Side. Maybe I will choose ‘Maybe No Disco’ or  ‘When I hung out with Michael Jackson at Bobbejaanland back in 1967.’ ‘Hands, feet and red shades.’ It is also possible that the same B-Side will have a different title for each tape. What I recorded is a mix. I played one tape at a time or two tapes and rarely mixed three tapes together. I used my tapes with my own (recent Calabrian) recordings, tapes given to me by friends, tapes that arrived by post as result of a trade and tapes I found, picked up or bought for 30 cents. There is also a surprise guest.

The collage of old magazines, as big as a postcard, will be part of the package. Each one will be different, of course. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the tape you can buy at my performance in Rome, or if no-one buys them, that I will send out for trade.

Here’s the postcard-size inlay frontside.


And here is the postcard-size inlay backside, with titles and essential liner notes.


And this is the tape after some spray-paint treatment. By the way, it is a 60 minutes cassette.


The tape gets seperately packed to keep it fresh.


The postcard-sized inlay and the sealed tape get packed together.


I will prepare more tapes over the next days. The visitors to the performance in Rome can buy one for 10 Euro. That’s cheaper than what you pay for a menu turistico. Some visitors to the concert can expect to receive a copy as a gift.

The ones I won’t sell will be send to cassette-lovers by post.

From Maidan to MH17

At the beginnings of this year the King of The Netherlands met that person during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. At the same moment Russian troops invaded Crimea. It was the start of the things that would come.


Earlier this year there was a new wave of protests in Kiev. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, because people came to Maidan Square quite regularly to set up their tents and give voice to their dissatisfaction. But this time the protests became more fierce in expression and the protesters became more numerous. I had a friend living in Kiev. I called him and asked if we could talk about the Maidan situation on our radio. That was our first interview. Yanukovich was still the president, and if „he does not go down, we will go down very bad,” he said. We made more calls. We heard about the fights in which he was participating, and then we heard about the people killed by snipers, and we heard that Yanukovich had left the country and that no-one could be really glad about it.

We also heard about the Russian journalists. „If there will be a second Nuremberg Trial, these journalists should be persecuted,” we heard him say at one point.

Soon after the Maidan uprisings, and Yanukovich flight, Russia invaded Crimea. Once Russia had Crimea they invaded east of Ukraine and gave the local thugs and criminals the chance to kill, kidnap and torture people. We talked about all this, and heard facts and stories from Kiev, and the voice of a friend, Dmytro Fedorenko, who lived in a country that was constantly menaced by the presence of Russian troops and unrest in the East, fuelled by Russian soldiers and hired criminals.

We also heard those stories.

Then the World Cup of football started and the situation in the east of Ukraine slowly turned into a local war, much to the convenience of all the politicians and leaders who showed their deep concerns.

It was time to talk with Dmytro again, to hear the latest updates. But then a civilian aircraft was hit by Russian missiles.

It is in the news for days now.

Radio On has stopped transmitting the regular programs. From Tuesday 00:00 until Sunday 00:00 we will broadcast non-stop all the interviews and talks we had with Dmytro Fedorenko.

During this week we will schedule new interviews as well, made after the MH17 disaster.

You can call it useless, because by Saturday it will be business as usual again, nothing will happen, because there are too many financial and economical ties between Russia and the rest of the western world. You can call it an action, it is okay, if you do.

The fact is that we run a radio. We have a very little voice. To make this voice be heard is the only thing we can do. Listen and think for yourself.

Tuesday 22.July 00:00 – Saturday 26. July 00:00 non-stop The Ukraine interviews with Dmytro Fedorenko on Radio On.

Voices of Ukraine – news in english

Inforesist – news from warzone in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine at War – news from the frontier, video and geo-location proofs of Russian (war) crimes